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Sándor Ferenczi was born on 7 July 1873 in Miskolc, Hungary. His father, Baruch Fraenkel (1830-1889), migrated with his family from Cracow to Hungary and fought in that country’s War of Independence against Austria in 1848-‘49. He trained for a career in the book trade, running his own shop as of 1856. His second wife, Rosa Eibenschütz, was brought up in Vienna. Owing to the parents’ own history, the family was multilingual, speaking Hungarian, German, Yiddish and Polish. Ferenczi himself was bilingual (Hungarian and German) and would later learn English and French. Sándor was born the eighth child among 10 brothers and sisters in this liberal, middle-class, Jewish family. As an expression of his assimilation into Hungarian society, his father Hungarianized the family name from Fraenkel to Ferenczi.

The Budapest School of Psychoanalysis

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Thalassa magazine

"Thalassa is the journal of Sándor Ferenczi Society, Budapest. Thalassa is the title of Sándor Ferenczi's classical work. Thalassa symbolically refers to the sea, the womb, the origin, the source. Thalassa is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to free investigations in psychoanalysis, culture and society. Thalassa has its roots in historical traditions of Hungarian psychoanalysis, but is not committed to any particular school or authority. Thalassa welcomes all original contributions, historical, theoretical, or critical, dealing with the common problems of psychoanalysis and humanities."  from the imprint of Journal Thalassa.

SFH Archives

Our society has been collecting documents, manuscripts, letters and all artifacts from psychoanalytic estates, representing the history of Hungarian psychoanalysis. Our Archive currently houses thousands of folios, and tens of thousands of pages of documents.

Lajos Lévy High School (Gymnasium) Maturation Exam Certificate, Budapest, June 3, 1892. (document with autographic comments)
Lajos Lévy University Diploma (2832/1898), (document with autographic comments, 1. page)
Certificate of Completion Lajos Lévy’s clinical and teaching accomplishments, Budapest, November 5, 1903. (autographic comments)

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