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Art & Psychoanalysis 2022-2023

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Art & Psychoanalysis 2022-2023

Art & Psychoanalysis 21th season. Workshop-discussion series, a project of the Sándor Ferenczi Society, the Attila József Society and the Petőfi Museum of Literature.



In 2022-2023 we continue our workshop-discussion series, a project of the Sándor Ferenczi  Society, the Attila József Society and the Petőfi Museum of Literature. Venue: Károlyi Palace (Bp. District V. 16. Károlyi str.) – During the reconstruciton of the Palace till December 2022 in PIM Szomszéd (Bp. District V. 26. Ferenczy István str.)

The events are scheduled on Fridays indicated below, from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Petőfi Museum of Literature.


The program for the 21st season


16 September 2022 – PIM Szomszéd

ATTILA NÉMETH psychiatrist (Budapest):

Heaven and Hell. The Work of Hieronymus Bosch through the eyes of a psychiatrist


14 October 2022 – PIM Szomszéd

CSABA PLÉH psychologist, linguist (Budapest):

Psychoanalysis in contemporary culture. The Action Gratuit as a challenge for the psychologist

Featuring: ÁRON ŐZE actor (Budapest)



20 November 2022 – PIM Szomszéd 4 pm—8pm

„The instinct and the reason.” The Psyche, the Fate and the Poetry  – Attila József and Psychoanalysis workshop conference . With contribution of the members of the Sándor Ferenczi Society and Attila József Society.


Antal Bókay literary historian
ZOLTÁN DANICS psychiatryst, psychoanalyst

JUDIT MÉSZÁROS psychoanalyst

ISTVÁN PÉNZES psychologist, psychoanalyst candidate

MÓNIKA TAKÁCS literary historian
György Tverdota literary historian
ÉVA SÁRKÖZI literary historian
AndráS Veres literary historian



Featuring: ÁRON ŐZE actor

  1. part: https://youtu.be/qLW-qzvC1Y8
  2. part: https://youtu.be/N90LCRJ_ncc


9 December 2022 – PIM – Szomszéd

TAMÁS HALMAI psychologist (Budapest):

Machines better then me. Artificial intelligence and the narcissism of creation in the novel of Ian McEwan, Machines like me  
Featuring: ZOLTÁN CSADI actor (Budapest)


20 January 2023 – PIM

MONIKA PERENYEI art historian (Budapest):

Dream palaces
With the screening of the film Imaginery Dwellings by Irén Jakab, Gaston Ferdièr and Kurt Behrends

Teaser: Műv és Pszichoan 2023 01 20 Perenyei M ImaDwell Ajanlo



17 February 2023 – PIM

VERA KÉRCHY scholar of literature (Szeged):

Adam’s Dream: The Role of Dream in The Tragedy of Man and in András Jeles’ film The Annunciation”.
Featuring: ATTILA RÁCZ theatre artist (Budapest)


17 March 2023 – PIM

MÁRTA FÜLÖP socialpsychologist (Budapest):

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Pathologic Motherhood or the Non-Western notion of a Good Mother?


21 April 2023 -PIM

Patients and Analysts ont he Hungarian filmscreen
Roundtable discussion

LÁSZLÓ BOKOR psychoanalyst (Budapest)
ZOLTÁN  DRAGON film critic (Budapest)
Moderator BARBARA MIKLÓS psychologist (Budapest)


19 May 2023 PIM

“Social spaces”
Sári Gerlóczy and Teréz Virág common spaces

Roundtable discussion

SÁRI GERLÓCZY painter, graphic artist (Budapest)
KATALIN BÁRDOS psychologist (Budapest)
LILLA MÁTIS film director (Budapest)


9 June 2023 PIM

ÉVA DEDE teacher, psychologist (Érd):

Is there anybody who doesn’t know me?
– Fame and Narcissism in the ouvre of Petőfi

Featuring: ÁRON ŐZE actor (Budapest)

Workshop series editor:
MÓNIKA TAKÁCS literary historian

Entrance is free of charge.
Seating is on first come first serve basis.
All are welcome!